[UPDATE] Version 3.8.5

Version 3.8.5 Update

What's to come in the following update?

Space Update

Space event will be activated starting December 30th, 2020. This event allows you to gain a special currency called, Moon Rocks. With Moon Rocks, you can purchase items that are only purchasable from Moon Rocks. These can range from wearables, blocks, and some other items in the game.

Something else to come....

Something else is coming in the near future, we won't exactly say what it is, but if you can make out what it is based off the spoiler below, you're a GENIUS. We hope that everyone will enjoy what's to come in this next update. It won't be live as soon as the update is released, but hopefully, by the end of January, it'll be live. Just be patient.

Other Updates

Many items in the game have been re-designed by our design staff and can be seen in the hub on the game. This also includes some other functionality of items being re-worked, and/or re-designed.

The update will go live by the end of December 30th, 2020. Stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading this brief update summary.



VIP Updates for Space Event

- You will get an additional 25 moon rocks per Daily VIP Reward you collect.

- Chance at getting the Golden Hammer item from the VIP Reward.

- You have a higher chance at getting moon rocks from the event.


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