How to earn XP without farming

I'm pretty sure, players with enough experience already knows this, but this is for all "Newbies" out there, who are looking for a method to earn xp without farming, for some reason.

Well, first of all, go ahead and buy as many "Furnaces" as you would like, the more the merrier obviously. Then place all of them, anywhere you'd like. Wrench the furnaces one by one, then make Polyethylene on each of the furnaces. After 10 mins, you should be able to get 50xp and 1 Plastic Block, rinse and repeat and you should level up a lot in no time!

Please take note : In-order to make Polyethylene, you need 1 Low and 1 High Density Polyethylene for each furnace. (2) Furnaces cost 500 gems each in the Gem store

That's all, I hope it helps


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