Official Staff Members

Community Management

USA *Dayz - Owner & Game Developer

EST *Ragnar - Staff Personnel Management

IDSA *HINT - Support & Financial Management

IDSA *Fazil - Community & Social Media Management

Community Administrators

UAE *Sync - Discord & Game Affairs Management

USA *Caleb - Assistant Game Affairs Management

IDSA *Yui - Game Administrator

*Community Administrators are the leaders of the staff team

Community Moderators

LEBN *HUGES - In-Game Moderator

UAE *Noel - Trainee In-Game Moderator

PH *Derived - In-Game Moderator

TR *Kasra - In-Game Moderator

IDSA *Fryco - In-Game Moderator & Designer

*Community Moderators are the main staff team of the Breaworlds community


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