[UPDATE] Version 3.8.8

Version 3.8.8 Update

What's to come in the following update?

Halloween Update

The Halloween Update brings many new things and some old things. You can find the SPOOKYTOWER returning this Halloween, with a brand new design. Use your Event Tickets in order to visit the tower. Collect Candies by doing various things in the game, fishing, farming, and completing the Event Ticket parkour run.

Halloween Items

In this update, we introduce many new items, including some re-designs to existing items, you can find them in the shop or from the new NPC in the BREAWORLDS world.

New System (Event System)

This update also introduces a new system for the moderators of Breaworlds. Moderators will now host events from time to time where you can win prizes. These events will be announced over the global message console and you can join by using [/joinevent]. Prizes can vary depending on who's hosting, once the event is locked, you can no longer join them.

New System (World Camera)
In this update, we introduce a new function that allows you to take a render of your world and save it to your desired destination on your device. All of the GUI in the game will be removed, allowing the picture to be taken, which is perfect for taking screenshots of worlds and/or your character.

Other Updates

There have been various other things updated and changed accordingly to deal with the game's end-of-life terms and subject to official management.

Major fixes (Small fixes will not usually be listed here)

Respawn bug, you no longer respawn twice after dying.

"Active Worlds" bug, you would disconnect when viewing active worlds sometimes.

Item effects have been updated to match their intended effect.

Vending machines now allow you to collect your earnings, rather than collecting everything.

Account recovery has been fixed, you can now reset your tokens.

Worlds showing zero players and being displayed on "Active Worlds"

This is just a brief summary of what's to come in the new version, thank you for reading, and Happy Halloween!


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